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  1. Kvíárjökull glacier tounge
    Kvíárjökull glacier tounge
    Experience the glaciers in Iceland like Kviarjokull.
  2. Ice diamond at Breiðarmerkursandur
    Ice diamond at Breiðarmerkursandur
    Experience the stunning ice diamonds at Breidarmerkursandur on the south eastern part of Iceland.
  3. Northern Lights
    Northern Lights
    Experience the northern lights during the winter time in Iceland.
  4. Stormy waves at Öndverðarnes
    Stormy waves at Öndverðarnes
    Experience the strong waves at ondverdarnes on the Snaefellsnes peninsula
  5. Volcanic rock
    Volcanic rock
    Come and see the volcanic rocks on the eastern part of Iceland.
  6. Gullfoss waterfall
    Gullfoss waterfall
    Visit the biggest waterfall of Iceland Gullfoss.
  7. Hvalnesviti lighthouse
    Hvalnesviti lighthouse
    Visit the beautiful lighthouse of Hvalnesviti.
  8. Skógafoss waterfall
    Skógafoss waterfall
    Get a splash of water from Skogafoss waterfall.
  9. Gljúfrabúi waterfall
    Gljúfrabúi waterfall
    Get inside a canyon to see the beautiful Gljufrabui waterfall.
  10. Black beach of Reynisfjara
    Black beach of Reynisfjara
    Visit the stunning black beach of Reynisfjara.
  11. Mount Kirkjufell
    Mount Kirkjufell
    Come and take your photo of the most photographed mountain of Iceland.
  12. Horse round up
    Horse round up
    Visit the local tradition of horse round up in Skagafjörður

We can modify an existing tour package for you or custom-design an itinerary from scratch. Just tell us what you’d like!


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Personal service with your local guide
Private tours with your local guide

Duration : 8 days / 7 nights
Season : All Year


Iceland is the land of fire and ice. Hot springs, powerful waterfalls and stunning glaciers make Iceland a curious mix of opposites. This 8-day, compact photo tour will give you access to the Snæfellsnes peninsula (known as ‘Iceland in a nutshell’), the Golden Circle and Iceland’s south coast. The Blue Lagoon, the Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls, the black beach of Reynisfjara and the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon are all unique in nature. The Golden Circle includes the Þingvellir National Park, the Gullfoss Waterfall, and the Geysir hot springs, as well as a number of other stops en route.​


Duration : 11 days / 10 nights
Season : All Year


The ‘Ring Road’ is the doorway to Iceland’s magical and diverse landscape. The road runs all the way around the country and is closely located to some of the country’s most spectacular natural attractions, including the historical Þingvellir National Park, the Gullfoss and Goðafoss Waterfalls, the Snæfellsness Peninsula as well as the unique Lake Mývatn.


Duration : 12 hours
Season : All Year


On this day tour I take you along the south coast of Iceland, one of the country´s most scenic regions. Among the attractions you will visit the fairytale-like Seljalandsfoss waterfall, where you can experience walking right behind the misty cascade, and the gorgeous 60-metre high Skógafoss waterfall just a short drive down the road. Further ahead, at Vík, we will make a stop at the black volcanic beach south of the village where you can view the rock formations of Dyrhólaey and Reynisdrangar. 



Atlantic Ocean offers an unparalleled beauty that works its way into your heart and steals your breath away. With unpredictable weather, seasons of midgnight sun and northern lights, and unspoiled nature, Iceland is the trip of a lifetime.

The best way to experience the best that Iceland has to offer is with a personal private tour. Iceland Personal Tours offers both photography and sightseeing tours during all seasons. As an Icelandic native who knows not only the terrain and weather, but also historical information and ancient stories and folklore, our driver-guides are the natural choice when booking a private tour for your visit to Iceland.

All of our tours can be customized to suit your travel needs and wishes. Whether you aim to visit Iceland with the goal of photographing the landscape or to simply enjoy sightseeing this beautiful island, a private tour with a local guide will ensure that you get to experience everything on your list without the worry of being back at a crowded bus on time to be hurried along to the next stop.

“Iceland is the dream destination for travellers of all ages. The land of fire and ice has everything to offer from stunning landscapes, vibrant arts to lovely people. I strongly believe that the best way to explore my country is with a customized private tour guided by a local driver-guide. I do hope you trust me to set up the perfect tour for you.” 
Dagur Jonsson - Travel Expert and head guide

We are confident that the best way to experience Iceland is via a private trip that caters to the needs of every individuals. We offer personalized private guided tours on vehicles that are capable of travel in all-weather situations and have been adapted to perform well in Icelandic conditions.

We can arrange tours for individuals, families, group of friends and large groups. These tours can be customized to your wishes regarding what you want to see and experience

We focus on personalised services, tailored to the needs of the customer

We strive to achieve a friendly, interactive environment where our guests feel comfortable enough to communicate their needs and their hopes for their trip.

We attach great importance to reaching out to our customers and approaching them on their terms.

Our guides have extensive experience in guided tours and tourismwho can show you the best places in Iceland

We attach great importance to the photographic element of the trip and we take the time needed to achieve great photographic shots with the assistance of our guides.

A personalized tour is the way to go - we certainly got our monies worth
Nathalie Peiffer
Dubi Roman

Nathalie Peiffer 

Daniel Charnitsky Sr

Micky Dansereau

After many months of planning a trip to Iceland, we decide on using Dagur Jonsson as our personal tour guide from Iceland Personal Tours. He was very patient with the planning process - providing information on touring options, costs, and clothing information, etc.

In late October of 2017, we took a 4-day tour with Dagur. It was a jammed packed tour taking us to the Golden Circle, Snaellsness, and the South Coast to VIk and Jurkalson.

Dagur does not miss a beat, in that he took us to all of the most popular photo sites … and … to a couple of his “secret” locations – a bonus. We visited volcanoes, beaches, glaciers, and waterfalls. He also gave us a nice tour around Reykjavik as we were completing the tour on our last day.

He was extremely laidback, accommodating and flexible showing us the best perspective on taking professional images and even some of his choice camera settings. He never rushed us and allowed us to spend as much time in each location that we desired.

The travel in the car was very interesting since we got a flavor for the Icelandic culture, language, and history.

You cannot get this type of personalized service traveling by yourself or on a bus tour.

A personalized tour is the way to go - we certainly got our monies worth … and … then some.

Thanks Dagur ....
Hi Dagur,
We are already back to Luxembourg and the weather is much warmer than in Iceland.
We thank you for this wonderful tour you had organised. It was the best thing we have done the last time. Everything was good planned, the accommodation was great and the locations we saw, were very impressive.
Your organisation and materials needed were very good.
Your information about Iceland has increased our knowledge and we were happy having the chace to tracel with you.
We wouldn't have seen so much without you! Your company was comfortable. We were glad to meet you and for the next Iceland tour, we will surely ask you again. We hope staying in touch with you. 
It was a very nice time and it was the best way to explore Iceland.
Thank you for everything Dagur and we are glad to see you as one of our friends.
The majesty of Iceland is totally captivating and becomes even more so when it is shown by a caring professional. Dag was just that, neither overwhelming us with facts but sparking our interest in the wonders of his world as seen through his eyes and his lens. Each and every spot had a designated point of interest and his orderly presentation was a joy. Though some places were a bit difficult for me, Dag was always there to help and though some territory was precarious for a 92 year old, we made it ….and will never forget. Thanks Dagur, we love you.
Kimberly Harding
We have just returned from a spectacular vacation to Iceland, thanks to Dagur! Right from the first email I sent, Dagur was professional, pleasant and accommodating. We were traveling with our two young children, and he was happy to modify our itinerary accordingly. He even arranged car seats for our kids. We were blessed with good weather, and thanks to Dagur, we were able to go up to Iceland's amazing glaciers, volcanoes, and wonderful beaches.Simply an incredible trip enjoyed by all. To top it off, Dagur took photos of us and the surrounding beauty, so we were able to document our travels. My parents want to visit Iceland as well, so I will definitely be recommending Iceland. 
Ranjan Ramchandani
I was met at the Airport by my guide Dagur who made sure I got to know the culture of the country through the next week. He took me to the usual tourist spots and explained each one in detail. Apart from that he went out of his way to show me around areas where tourists would never dream of going or go . His love for protecting the culture and sites amazed me and feel all should learn from him. He booked the most amazing hotels and guest houses which were very strategically located. If you are looking for a personal guide; look no further. You have one right here in Dagur.
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